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By the way, check out our Caribbean party festivals for the upcoming Jazz events in the Caribbean. There are several events in different islands.

CCaribbean Party Festivals




Since 1967, Toronto comes alive for Caribana to celebrate Canada's cultural mosaic.. Caribana Toronto



Steel Drums

Learn how craftsman Glenn Rowsey makes one-of-a-kind steel drums by hand.

 Popular and long held musical events in the Caribbean. Reggae Sun Fest in Jamaica.


Caribbean Party Festivals

Afro Caribbean UK 








 Favourite Foods Around The world
Globe traveling musician, are no exceptions when it comes to food. And since music and food go together do you know the favorite food of your destination? What tickles your fancy? Get to know the favorite dish of your gig's destination. It would make for an enjoyable and memorable tour with new food friends.


Many musicians I know, love to cook between shows and many of them are chefs in their own rights. National Dish Of Countries Around The world


Spicy Food & Recipes

Recipes from the Islands of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados Bequia, Bermuda, Bonaire and more.


           Caribbean Recipe Plus


 Fine foods and more at Sam's Caribbean Foods.

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Apple Music Jazz


By the way, check out our Caribbean party festivals for the upcoming Jazz events in the Caribbean.


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Since we travel on lots of roads, medical emergency  Insurance coverage is a must.

 Good Sam Travel Assist


Miroslav Philharmonik 2 Krazy Deal $/€99.99 (80% off)  


 Bob Marleys Hits On iTunes

Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright 

Add to your list.


Real Life               by Emeli Sande


Rap Life      by Drake


 DAHMIX a London Ontario Recording Studio.


    Sound Cloud      Another Sweet Sunday On Apple


  My Old Tamarind Tree is a beautiful piano accompanied ballad  Hear It Now  


 Soundtrack your brand and set the mood


 A Conga drum is not the easiest instrument to carry even with the shoulder strap but with this fantastic and handy Conga Bag, it should make a difference.  供TYCOON PERCUSSION TCB-S Standard Conga Bags sumorukonga使用的包


In films, TV, on stage plays, carnivals and parties, people were having fun dancing in a Conga Line for almost a hundred years or more. Have fun it's good exercise.





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