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'Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.' Dalai Lama

What comes to mind? Many of our first visitors recall this popular page of a secluded and scenec place with an incredible and beautiful sunset, coconut trees, and the ever present hibiscus flower seen everywhere on the trade wind islands of the Caribbean. This indeed, was our primary reason for creating Conga Bay in 1999. Well, we have mixed the old with the new and all is good. Keeping up with the times has warranted changes in many respects relating to the Internet and Conga Bay. But our ideas have not changed and our love of nature and beautiful sceneries remain constant. To stay online, we are featuring a selected group of travel advertisers for hotel, flight reservations, travel supplies, essentials, bags and luggage sets. We at Conga Bay, sincerely hope that all transactions done with these featured travel advertisers are problem free. And last but not least, we must add that our featured award was our first in 2000. Please, if only once in your life, listen to the sounds of the ocean, and see a sunset if not a sunrise. Safe travel.