Travel and food do go together. Who would disagree? Just the excitement of having food in a different country is sheer excitement after a long trip.

And if you try something new, and love what you have tasted, you could ask for the recipe. But there is no guarantee you would get that family secret recipe.

Food becomes a very serious subject in most cultures. These cultures around the world take pride in their food. So we say try it you may like it. 

Be a tasty and adventurous traveler. That is what travel is all about. It can make for a most memorable vacation.

We love spicy, anything spicy. The hotter the pepper, the better. Pepper is good especially in the winter months when the chills take over.

How much vitamin C does pepper sauce provides. The jury is still out on that question. I do know the results especially in the winter months and never get colds. When I feel a chill coming on, I take a slice of hot pepper and place it on the tongue and that does the trick always.




Travel and food do go together . What do you know about your destinations's favourite and national dish?
Before you take off on your international destination, do you know or have tasted it's national dish? It would be nice, like rice, if you are familiar with the destination's national dish. Having said that, it goes a long way for you and yours in having a memorable vacation with some new found friends and food experiences. National Dishes of Countries around The World.


Spicy And Zesty Eating: Very interesting information foods, eating, notes and good eating information for those who seek adventure.

Caribbean Foods: from the favourites of Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad and other islands of the Caribbean. Fine foods and more at Sam's Caribbean Foods.and also provide shipping.







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