From Here To The Caribbean Like Most Musical Instruments, It All Started In Africa.

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ― Bob Marley

             Conga Line: Caribbean - Music - Culture - Food

                   Music and food, do go together which ever comes first. They all go into a Pepper Pot of interesting tastes.



 The Conga  Drum 


Like most musical instruments, the Conga, has its origins in Africa and was brought to Cuba, and other Caribbean islands by slaves to many of the sugar plantations.


 It was first known as the "Tom Tom" then used to send messages to early African tribes and villages namely the Makuta, Ngoma, Yuka, Bemba, and other tribes.


It is a popular instrument and an exotic enhancement to any band and even now seen in symphony orchestras.


Spicy Food & Recipes

 Visit the website of Sam's Caribbean Foods in New York. You would think you are in the Caribbean at Sam's Fine Foods.

Sam's Caribbean Foods.


Hot and not so hot hot hot


Caribbean Recipe Plus


There's a Jamaican phrase, "Out of many, one people," that is reflected in the style of cooking from the Carib-bean: distinct, bold flavors coming together to create an electric experience. Such is the case with The Real Jerk.

The Real Jerk




Bob Marley - Songs Of Freedom CD (Box Set)


When Bob Marley sings, we all listen.

Bob Marleys Hits On iTunes

Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright 


 Country & Western

My Moonshine Bro


Reggae Sistas CD

Reggae Golden Jubilee: Origins Of Jamaican CD


This very popular reggae festival was cancelled in 2020 and is now reported to being held this year.


Reggae Sunfest in Jamaica

Because the Covid-19 pandemic, this popular Caribbean music festival could be in doubt. Caribana Toronto 2021??

 Find your favorite Caribbean festival. Caribbean Party Festivals


 Afro Caribbean UK 



Like Black Lives Do Matter , Black Music Has Always Mattered

Hear my Old Tamarind Tree


Another Sweet Sunday


  "My Old Tamarind Tree" is a beautiful piano accompanied ballad and without the bells and whistles.

Hear It Now  


Coreen On Spotify


Apple Music Jazz


Smooth J

Hear It Now  


Coreen On Spotify


Real Life   by Emeli Sande


Rap Life      by Drake

Apple Music Jazz


Smooth Jazz


Dennis Brown - Crown Prince Of Reggae Singles 1972-1985 CD (With DVD)


Reggae Sistas CD



         Caribbean Heritage


Food with Friends

Here is your passport to a world of distinctive, unforgettable food-125 delicious, authentic vegan recipes that showcase flavors and ingredients from across the Caribbean islands. If "Caribbean cuisine" makes you think of pineapples and coconuts, you're missing out. The Caribbean islands are home to a rich cooking tradition that combines African, French, Spanish, British, Asian, and Indian influences, adds an unmistakable local flair. and tastes like paradise.



With 50 Foods, noted authority Edward Behr has created the definitive guide to the foods every food lover must know. A culinary Baedeker, 50 Foods will delight and inform the connoisseur as well as the novice. Like Behr's celebrated magazine. 

Carla Hall Soul Food



Beloved TV chef (ABC's Emmy Award-winning The Chew and fan favorite on Bravo's Top Chef), Carla Hall takes us back to her own Nashville roots to offer a fresh, lip-smackin' look at America's favorite comfort cuisine.



Thee true adventures of David Fairchild, a late-nineteenth-century food explorer who traveled the globe and introduced diverse crops like avocados, mangoes, seedless grapes-and thousands more-to the American plate.


 The Food Explorer 

He's back and hotter than ever! Levi is getting back to his Roots with over 100 Caribbean- and sunshine-infused recipes for the barbecue and grill. From his first appearance - guitar in hand - in the Dragons' Den,


Grill it with Levi


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