"I love Caribbean food. It's a great melting pot of so many cultures including the Native Americans"  

-Bob Greene

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Conga Line

 Sweet, mildly spiritual reggae ballad written by Mel Coreen and sung by Alicia Faulkner.







Since travel, food, music and culture go together, do you know the national dish of your international destination? Do you know or have tasted their national dish? It would would go a long way in having a memorable vacation with some new found friends and new food experiences. Take a taste and enjoy. National Dish Of Countries Around The world
Cultural  Festivals                     Food                           Life                          Music

Since 1967, Toronto comes alive for Caribana to celebrate Canada's cultural mosaic.

Caribana Toronto

Reggae Sun Fest in Jamaica and other party festivals.

Caribbean Party Festivals

Afro Caribbean UK 

Community in Birmingham

Worth Repeating

Have some local currency available when you arrive at your international destination. US  currency is always desirable but it still helps to have some other currency.

 What is your currency worth?

About The Caribbean

Dubbed, "Eighth Continent of the World", the Caribbean has an amazing variety of terrain - from thick rain forests to volcanoes, from white- to black-sand beaches. Great food, music, beautiful scenery, and the leisurely lifestyle of the islands draw millions of visitors each year. Come find your place in the sun by staying at some of the very best vacation rentals and resorts in the Caribbean Islands.

Spicy Food & Recipes

Recipes from the Islands of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados Bequia, Bermuda, Bonaire and more. Caribbean Recipe Plus

 Fine foods and more at Sam's Caribbean Foods.

        Hot  Hot  Hot

Some like it HOT but use at your own risk. If you do, have plenty of water or liquids handy to cool down the temperature. Pepper sauce is never far away from any dinner table and does add flavor and zest to a plate of food so ennjoy.


Soundtrack your brand and set the mood

Another sweet Sunday, written by Canadian Mel Mapp (Coreen) is an easy listening tune with a dash of sweet reggae. The song, is sung by Alicia Faulkner. Mel has been writing easy listening songs for over forty years and is a member of  BMI and SOCAN. Listen to Another Sweet Sunday

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