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"Music in the soul can be heard by the universe“ Lao Tzu


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                   Music and food, do go together which ever comes first. They all go into a Pepper Pot of interesting tastes and genres.


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Our passionate team has created a digital world for casual listeners and experts alike to delve into the best of classical music and jazz. Vialma provides an inspiring classical music library for you to stream online.


Give the gift of music





The world is filled with different types of music because it is filled with different kinds of people. From music genres to lists of music styles, discover how many types of music there are in the world.


 The Conga Bay site was created in 1999 and since the creators were always paart of the travel,music and world foods interset we felt that since music and food do gootoether we will focus on these intersting subjeccts






Vialma: simple and easy-to-use music streaming app. • Bespoke music collections and playlists featuring the best of classical and jazz. • Over 5,000 composers


Make room in your life for music regardless of culture or class it should not be of any difference. Genres come in all shades and sounds from bouncy to relax and thought provoking. 


One might ask why so? The challenges that many of us are facing today because of the persistent pandemic, many of us need an outlet to ponder  and reflect on life in general.

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